Dr. Henry O Meissner is a native of Poland, he graduated from Cracow University where back in 1963 he has obtained MSc degree in Environmental Sciences followed by PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry in 1968. Next 50 years which followed he settled initially in New Zealand and later in Sydney, Australia, where from 1978 he lived and worked at Universities and government research Organisations with frequent overseas senior academic appointments and various project assignments in the USA, South America, Europe and Asia. His earlier research centred on correcting various metabolic symptoms induced by dietary imbalances, physiologically-induced stress, toxicity or environmental factors with their practical correction to restore metabolic equilibrium in treated groups of subjects exhibiting various dietary imbalances linked to specific health conditions. The last 20 years he has devoted most of his time to research and clinical study on use of standardized Peruvian medicinal plant “Maca” and its prime phenotypes in alleviating gender-related health disorders and designing lines of standardised phyto-pharmaceutical products for a wide range of gender- and age-related health symptoms. He has published over 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers, books and textbook chapters on wide spectrum of research topics, related to his professional interest. Now he retired (semi-), still maintains his research base in Sydney continuing his collaborative research and
development in biomedical and phytopharmaceutical areas with various institutions around the world.