I Agnieszka Babczynska, In my research work I concentrate my interests on relations between humans, animals and environment. As an enthusiastic ecophysiologist, in my work I apply widely understood biomarkers, from molecular markers to life history parameters, if they are able to throw a new light on the tolerance, adaptation, plasticity or selection processes of animals in response to external, especially anthropogenic factors. As animal models, I usually use invertebrates, with spiders and insects as my favorites. Equally eagerly I spend my scientific time in the laboratory and in the field.
I am also an academic teacher but not only. I deeply believe that scientists have to share their knowledge with non-scientists. Therefore, I often organize and take part in popularization of researches among children and adults who are interested in science, environmental protection and nature friendly life. Everybody is welcome to the lectures, workshops, or just walks or trips with entertaining talks of nature.
Personally, I love own-muscle-strength travelling (by foot, bike, kayak), reading books, playing transverse flute (I’m just learning) and non-scientific admiring of the nature.