Direct visualization of the key features of coronavirus genomes and peptides can lead to a better understanding of this virus as well as to distinguish the mutant strains. The current study developed Java tools DNA nucleotide footprint plotter and peptide visualizer. DNA nucleotide footprint plotter makes it possible for straightforward visualization of the characteristics of viral genomes and recombination. Peptide visualizer is sensitive to changes in protein sequences and functions. The tools provide novel insights for biological studies that can contribute to breakthroughs in coronavirus diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
I am a junior in Buckingham Browne & Nichols school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. I took biology and AP JAVA. The outbreak of coronavirus made me realize the importance to write tools to explore the genome and peptide characteristics of this virus. So I developed “DNA nucleotide footprint plotter” and “Peptide Visualizer”. The tools can directly display the key features of viral genomes and peptides and make intuitive visualization of different types of virus genomes and proteins.
In my leisure time, I spend a lot of time playing and writing video games, playing violin, participating robotics club and leading a rocketry club. I also enjoy crewing and scrolling on Charles river in Boston.