SELEX technique is employed to select aptamers against wide range of targets. The in vitro method of aptamer selection using live cells as the target is referred as CELL-SELEX. The use of aptamers as therapeutic and diagnostic agents is rapidly evolving, selection techniques such as Cell-SELEX could be beneficial in identifying aptamers when the target is in its native conformation and without prior information of the cognate target, thereby bringing the aptamer development one step closer to the clinic. The presentation provides a comprehensive description on the development of aptamers through various cell-SELEX methods. In addition, it pinpoints the advantages and limitations of the cell-SELEX process and its variants. The given information can be valuable for the design and development of futuristic oligonucleotide based diagnostics and therapeutics work.
Dr.Harleen Kaur has been in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 8 years and most recently led the analytics and drug product tech transfer projects for two biologics products while working at AstraZeneca, USA. Prior to this, she worked in R&D division of Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore where she worked on aptamer development and played an integral role in identifying and purifying aptamers against different protein targets in collaboration with National University of Singapore, Agency of Science Technology and Research Singapore, and Japanese diagnostic enterprise Sysmex. In her current role, she is leading a team of analytical scientists at Aurobindo Biologics and her responsibilities include the method development, method qualification and method transfer for different biosimilar products. she completed her PhD in chemical and biomolecular engineering department at National University of Singapore.